iCellate launches collaboration with football player Olivia Schough

Stockholm, 21 April, 2022 – Cancer diagnostics company iCellate Medical AB announces collaboration with football star Olivia Schough. Olivia shares her story of hereditary cancer risk with the hope of helping others who are considering getting tested.


Nearly everyone has some connection to or experience with cancer, either via their own family or that of a friend. Olivia’s family has been through more than most. Both her mom and maternal grandmother lost their lives to cancer at a young age, defining Olivia’s and her sisters’ relationship to cancer. Over the past 20 years we’ve seen a sharp increase in our understanding of hereditary cancer. While we still have more to learn, many genetic variants (mutations) that increase cancer risk are known.


In Sweden, families with suspected hereditary cancer can turn to an oncogenetic clinic at one of the seven university hospitals for a hereditary cancer assessment. Studies have shown, however, that more than half of those with hereditary risk are missed due to strict assessment criteria. For those that fall short of these criteria, or who are generally concerned about hereditary cancer risk, iCellate offers an alternative. iCellate’s GeneMate® test combines the analysis of DNA from saliva with an assessment of family cancer history.


Olivia reflects on access to testing:

- I’m so glad that more people have access to genetic testing via GeneMate®, especially considering the testing criteria in the public health system can be prohibitive.


Iohn Ryott, iCellate COO, says:

- We are so grateful for our collaboration with Olivia, who so naturally shares her story. We hope that others who read about Olivia’s full and healthy life are inspired to get tested themselves, and ultimately reduce their cancer risk or increase their chances of a better prognosis.


iCellate’s medical laboratory is accredited by Swedac according to ISO 15189, meaning GeneMate® is held to the same quality standards as an equivalent test in the public health system. Those who are considering getting tested with GeneMate® are welcome to schedule a call with one of iCellate’s genetic counselors at no cost. Genetic counseling is also included after testing. Should it be identified that you carry a high-risk mutation, iCellate will assist you in accessing continued care.


Olivia continues:

- I genuinely recommend that those who are considering getting tested go forward with it. Knowing has been a huge comfort for me, and I didn’t hesitate to get tested when I got the chance.


About iCellate Medical
iCellate is a spin off from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. The company’s office and ISO 15189 accredited medical laboratory are also located in Stockholm, where the company performs its genomic cancer diagnostics services. The company has received several prestigious awards and scientific grants from, for example, Roche, Eurostars, Vinnova and Horizon 2020.